Achai in his favorite spot


Achai is a full-sized deer with a Day of the Dead pelt, Zombie Deer antlers, and a Real Deer mask.


Achai is the older brother of Ageni, Katswiri, and Malek.


Achai isn't a trusting deer. He prefers to walk alone than run with a herd. He is somewhat territorial and will challenge any call made from another deer with his own call. Achai isn't sociable, either. If you walk up to him, he's most likely to turn his back on you and run off. He only hangs out with a special few deer. He is very over-protective of his sisters, Ageni and Achai. He doesn't like for them to be around other deer because he doesn't trust them. This goes against Ageni's nature, so she tries to avoid her brother. He doesn't care much for his brother, Malek, because Malek is too sociable and Achai believes stags should be solitary. He is also a very devout "believer" in the Gods and can often be found praying to the Twin Gods statue.