Ageni in the forest


Ageni is a mini-deer with a default pelt, a skull mask, and default antlers with purple flowers on them.


Ageni is the younger sister of Achai. She is also the older sister of Malek and Katswiri.


Ageni is a very happy-go-lucky deer. She's very friendly and loves to spell-spam anyone and everyone. If you see her off and running around, it's not because she wants to be alone, it's because she's off looking for someone else to give a quick hello to. She's often so preoccupied with meeting new deer that the most you'll get is a bow before she dashes off to meet someone new. Like her brother, she does like to be alone, but it clashes with her like to meet new deer, so she rarely allows that part to take over her too long. If you see her laying alone, she wants her space for the time being. But, not to worry, before you have a chance to miss her, she'll be up and running around again.