Ruin looks like a normal fawn, but knows she will become different looking at some point. Her symbol looks somewhat like an eye.


Ruin has no knowlage of how old she was when she came to the forest, but she has been in the forest for half a month.


Ruin seems to be a white-tailed deer.


Ruin vaguely recalls having a mother, a father, and a sister, but now has none. She wishes to find a "father", a "mother", and possibly some "siblings".


Ruin's only memory is falling into a frozen river through a hole in the ice and being unable to escape. She woke up to find herself surrounded by two other deer, one asleep, and one watching over her, both in the Endless Forest.

Hobbies and HabitsEditEdit

Ruin enjoys the scenery of the De Drinkplaats more than she enjoys drinking from it.

She also enjoys running around the pond/stream and making new friends. 

She will always politely bow to other deer.

Ruin likes to bump symbols with other deer to create glowing, golden aura.

She will graze in flower patches to create the antler aura.

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