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Appearance Edit

Found in the Endless Forest as a default fawn pelt, Coos will take on the purple as a headdress to cover up

Coos Full body

her stumpy antlers.


Age - 5 years old

Gender - Female

Friends and Family Edit

Coos wishes she could start a family, but has not seemed to keep a friend long enough to begin. All her friends disappear into the mist before she can find a mate.

Personality Edit

Coos is a very playful and wandering personality. She loves meeting new deer-folk and bouncing around them trying to start up a game. She will often get lost from whoever she had been meeting with at the time, so you'll hear her deer-moans as she listens out for a call back from the lost friend.

History Edit

Coos lived happily for the first two years of her life with her parents. She loved prancing around and covering her stubby antlers with the local purple flowers that sprouted out of ground. But then, on her third birthday, shadow creatures attacked her deer-tribe. Panic shot through every deer in the tribe as they fled for safety. Some got devoured by the shadow-deer. Some were taken away as sustenance for the shadow-deer.

Shadow-deer closed in on Coos, and just as their teeth scraped her left front leg, her father pushed the deer out of the way. The father stalled the shadow-deer with his life to save Coos, as her mother and she raced on to get to a safe place. As they raced, and shadow-deer gained on them, Coos' mother tripped on a large, fallen tree. Her jump had not been high enough, and she fell on the other side. Having a hard time getting up, she urged Coos on, screaming at the young fawn to continue her race, and find a place of peace. One last shadow-deer raced over the log, and scented the injured mother before Coos, who had been hiding. Coos turned away and ran and the screeches of her mother filled the forest, and the hooting yips of the shadow-deer retreated back home.

Coos found the Endless Forest, scared of the fact that she couldn't leave at first, but then the welcoming deer-folk and great deities allowed her to be at peace. She feels confident that no shadow-creature could ever invade such a beautiful place. She resides there to this day, for three years now, every birthday being bittersweet. Reminding her of her parents and long-dead tribe, but also knowing that each year that passes without a hint of the shadow-creatures, the more likely it is that they forgot about the young fawn on shaky legs who escaped their invasion.