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Dolinas first saved appearance, gifted to her by an unknown.

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Dolina is turned into a toad by an unamused victim after he shakes off her spell.


Dolina is a new fawn in the Endless Forest. As such, she is unable to maintain a steady appearance, aside from the default fawn, and one saved appearance; a dark reddish brown pelt with gray impressions, accompanied by a purple flower crown.

Her spoken name comes from the Bulgarian word for "valley", an interpretation of her abstract pictogram name. To her it rassembles the view from the bottom of a misty hill with a river running down the side.


Dolina possesses the energy, curiosity and mischief expected for her age. She can often be found running through the forest at top speed until sneaking up on another unsuspecting deer to change their appearance. She has learned that while some find amusement in her antics, others do not.