Snow in The Forest.

The weather in The Endless Forest can change at the whim of the creators. Various different types of weather and times of day can be seen, and often these changes have been great inspiration for members of the community.

Raining Graveyard

Rain at the Ruins


Sunny ~ The normal and most often occurring weather, this is the weather you will most likely log onto in-forest.

Fog ~ A dense grey fog. Sunlight patches are faded and deer only appear as grey shapes in the far distance.

Snow ~ The sky becomes lighter and white snow falls from it, but the snow never seems to stay on the ground...

Rain ~ It also gets darker in the weather, but rain falls from the skies and sometimes giant flowers replace some of the trees.

Times of Day

Day ~ The normal and most often occurring time, the daylight almost never fades in the forest.

Sunset/Twilight ~ The forest turns a warm orange, crickets can be heard and groups of bats can be seen.

Night ~ Darkness, the sunlight patches turn blue, butterflies give way to fireflies, and sometimes giant mushrooms can be seen sprouting out of the ground.

Night at Twin Gods Hill


Often weather/time changes will also come with the growth of large flora, such as mushrooms and dandelions, though these events can happen independently as well.


Giant mushrooms seen on a snowy day.