Lily at the shrine

Lily is a deer who roams the Endless Forest. She is a shy yet friendly fawn who, for some reason, never seems to age. She spends most of her time around De Drinkplaats, The Pond, and The Twin Gods Statue, though she can be found virtually anywhere her heart desires to take her.


Lily is a typical white-spotted fawn. The top half of her pelt is light brown in color and speckled with white spots, while the bottom half is completely white, as is her face. She is almost always seen with a wreath of purple lilies around her head.

In game terminology, she has the default fawn pelt with the purple flower "antlers."

Basic InformationEdit

Lily is a female fawn; it is said that the reason she always wears the flowers of her namesake is so people won't mistake her for a boy. Her age is unknown, but she was first spotted in the forest in spring of 2011. Since then, though, she doesn't appear to have aged. Lily seems to either be a fallow or white-tailed fawn.


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Other InformationEdit

  • Lily's username on the forums is Alicia Jewel.
  • A larger picture of her pictogram can be found here.