Meep is currently a fawn


Meep is about 8 in deer years.




He has a twin named Blaze. The rest of his family is unknown


Meep and his brother woke up in the endless forest, not knowing where they came from, only remembering that they are siblings. Meep doesnt always stay by his brother, constantly wandering off, and sometimes following other deer (Mostly adults). He had a adopted parent and big brother that he one day lost, plus he could not find his brother. So he still usually explores, calling out alot to see if he could find his brother or his lost adopted father and brother. He usually interacts with other fawns, going up to them and usually dancing or sniffing them. He may follow them too for a while. Hes very social and isnt very afraid of anything. He explored lots of areas and soon found his brother. They explore many places,Meeps favorite is the twin gods statue. Meep has always wanted to see weird things happen, but so far all he saw was lightning and a rainbow, which was odd to him, because the rainbow was right above him, but not what he expected. He wanted to see the gods, and what they call the giant stag. Meep also wants to grow up, so he can adopt fawns like his adopted father had adopted him. If you see a male fawn following you around, it just might be him.

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