Appearance Edit

Sable is female (a doe), despite the fact that she bears antlers. In the game, she wears the light Real Deer pelt, the Real Deer mask, and Fan antlers.

Sable is a standard-size deer, being approximately 3.1 feet tall at the shoulder. She has a tapered, soft-featured face and a long, lean, and glossy neck; but the little, feminine-like attributes end there. Her withers are rather spaced apart, giving her a large, well-built chest and torso. Her shoulders are muscular and broad, as are her forelegs. Her flanks are also brawny, giving her hindquarters a very sturdy appearance. In her gait, she walks in a motoric manner, with her neck arched at a slight angle and her tail is often held in the air.

About Sable Edit

Sable is level-headed and mild-mannered. She is not easily provoked, so consequently her temper is far from short. She is not keen on showing much emotion, but she does have a soft spot for fawns and for those who are in need, however dire it may be. Thus, she can often be seen trotting around the Forest, collecting spells to cast on deer and fawns who are new or who want new pelts, masks, or antlers.

Family Edit

Sable has no known living kin. She has lived alone for the majority of her life.

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