Siekh is a human-faced deer from the Endless Forest.

About SiekhEdit

Siekh is an antlerless male deer. He is around 5 years old and is about the size of an elk.  He has the Peacock coat, Peacock antlers, and the Beluga mask. (Photo soon to come)

Siekh has a 3 year old half-sister named Kada. Nobody knows what happened to their mother, and both their fathers disappeared.

"Crazy" and fun, Siekh is almost always found running around the forest. At times he may spontaneously begin dancing when he is around other deer. He occasionally turns trickster and begins casting spells on unsuspecting fawns. When he is not bouncing off the trees, he is resting either in a mushroom circle or very often sleeping by the pond. He loves to be a part of conga lines and sometimes tries to make them on his own.


Not much is known about Siekh's history. He doesn't remember his days as a fawn very well. When he came of age, he never grew antlers. It was then that he acquired his current mask to hide his emotions over the ordeal, and he's never let it go since. He's had his crest of Peacock feathers since he matured, as well as his fur colors.


Siekh's only remaining family member is Kada. Kada is like like Siekh, a unseen deer hiding around the forest. They have always been close, but tend to leave each other alone. The reason why is unknown to many Forest Folk, but many have guessed because of Siekh's grief of not growing his antlers.

They have had two fathers, their first died in a harsh blizzard. The second has been rumoured to leave the forest with their only mother, no ones knows why. Kada has tried searching for them, ignoring the rumours. She still has hope that they are in the forest.