Lightbringers celebrating the New Year's Eve Festival of Lights

The Lightbringers are an organization created by players of TEF and members of TEFc. Founded by TEFc member CelticMystress, the Lightbringers are the Endless Forest's unofficial and self-appointed welcoming committee, encouraging all members to be especially welcoming to new players and guests.

Membership and Organization Edit

Membership in the Lightbringers is eternal and completely voluntary. The group is led by Founder CelticMystress. Progress tracking of all current members is the responsibility of member IoRez.

Ranking is based on point accumulation.

>300 Points - Lightcreator

200-299 Points - Lightworker

100-199 Points - Lightbringer

Submission Guidelines Edit

Members are encouraged to provide screenshots of themselves interacting with fawns and nameless deer. When a member posts a screenshot, they are awarded points (10 points for nameless deer, 5 points for fawns). These points are tallied and tracked on the main Lightbringer TEFc page. Accumulation of points are awarded at every 50 points, with a maximum possible total of 300 points and six awards.

Guidelines are as follows:

1. ONLY ONE (1) SCREENSHOT PER DAY per member.

2. Only clear, unedited pics are accepted. Cropping or resizing to save space is permitted.

3. No points will be awarded for two pics of the same fawn.

4. Points will not be awarded for pictures of deer who are sleeping or otherwise plainly inactive to a casual observer.

Rules Edit

Members are asked to treat new players and guests with kindness and to refrain from using intimidating or taunting body language. Memebrs are requested (but not required) to attend Lightbringer Sponsored events, such as the Harvest Moon Festival and the New Year's Eve Festival of Lights.