Deer tef

Toxic, the fawn appears with three deer and a rabbit, me.

Toxic, created by ToxicDeerHeart, (a rather famous deer now) is a fawn in the Endless forest. She is said to be a dark, mysterious character who seems to stick to darker areas. Her mark looks like an M.


Though she looks like a usual fawn, she is actually quite different. Though she is no better than any other fawn in the game, she appears to be rather easy to spot, for unknown reasons. Some say they just get a feeling when its her, other just use the symbol that she processes.


Unknown, though many think she may be a red deer or fallow deer. Some also believe that she is a mystic kind of deer which is unknown yet, but she is known to not be the only one.


She has many habbits. Heres a list of them:

  1. Worshiping at the great Twin gods statue.
  2. Hanging around the church ruins, sometimes staring at the tombstones.
  3. Playing on the abbandoned Quuary/Playground.
  4. Letting our ghostly calls in the deeper parts of the forest.
  5. Haunting other fawns.
  6. Wandering near the Deermuda triangle.
  7. The strangest: Turning into a Raven using the De Drinkplaats water souce.

Though some of theese seem rather haunting, she seems to sometimes enjoy socializing with other deer. Maybe she is just jealous that some other deer are better than her, or maybe because only males (or most of the time anyway) prosess antlers?


Though shes still a fawn, she seems to have much history. It is unknown who her parents are, but some say they died after her birth, since they have never been sighted. It is also rumoured that she was born in the Deermuda triangle, which may be why she sticks around it. This explaination is yet to be corrected. Some also say that she was related to the Twin Gods, but this is likley not to be true. The wierdest fact is that some people think that she hides in mist and leaps out on unsuspecting deer, mostly male fawns and stags, forever cursing them.