In order: Uno, Quince


The Twins appear exactly as they do in game. They are also considered females if genders were to exist in the forest. Their sets seldom change except for antlers which may be used to enhance certain dances or celebrate a holiday. (ex. They will wear candles for New Years Eve.) Occasionally one of the two will wear the doe ‘antlers’ for dances that require someone to lead and another to follow.



Before beginning a dance, the Twins will both idle in the listening positions. When they are ready to begin, they will moo 3 times in unison before bowing simultaneously. This can be helpful if a particular song they are dancing to has been posted on the TEFc.


Though hard to tell apart, Quince and Uno have separate personalities. Uno is generally more eager and ambitious than her sister, often taking the lead when on the move or dancing. Quince tends to be slightly more reserved and appears to be the one who contributes the most when coming up new routines. They constantly work towards appearing as the same mind, just with two bodies. It is rare to see them show these seperate traits unless you approach them when practicing or just laying about.

Family & HistoryEdit

Thw Twins have no known family except for eachother, as they consider the Gods as their parents. The forest is all they have ever known, and all they ever will.

Additional NotesEdit

  • The Twins of Dance are founded and based on the concept of narcissism.
  • It is rare to find them seperate from one another, but if it is the case, the lone twin can generally be found showing signs of seperation anxiety. (They will pause their current activity to call out and listen for the missing twin.)